Winterizing Your Home

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Winterizing Your Home


Fall has finally arrived in North Texas! The cold morning makes it all official and it means the freezing weather can arrive really soon. While we enjoy long warm fall days, we can be caught by surprise and woefully unprepared for coming Winter. It is time to make a checklist and get to work!

Check for leaks: Replace worn weather stripping and caulk.…Replace old windows with energy efficient ones or install plastic window seal.… Draft stoppers can be attached to doors. Hire a contractor to perform a blower test to locate air leaks.… Install foam gaskets behind wall switch plates.… Close the damper on your fireplace when not in use.… Close crawlspace vents during the summer and winter and open them in spring and fall.

Check your heating and a/c: Hire professionals to clean, check, and lubricate the system.… Replace your heater’s air filter monthly.… Update old heating systems.… Use a setback thermostat, which turns the system down when you are, then back up when you are home.… In winter, set your ceiling fans so they blow upward to circulate heat without chilling you.

Check insulation: Check for adequate insulation — floor, wall, ceiling. You probably know if your house needs extra padding if lived there for a while. Maybe it's time to do something about deficiency in insulation?

Check outside: Trim trees and dead branches.… Clean your gutters to prevent blocked drainage.… Install a chimney screen to block falling leaves.… Keep snow and ice from around your garage door.… Make sure steps and handrails are in good condition.… Drain gasoline from lawn mowers and other equipment only used in summer.

And while I put a bug in your ear about Winter, do enjoy cool days of North Texas Fall!

Yours truly,

Realtor Nina